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Lifecycle of a proposal

The lifecycle of a proposal consists of the following steps:

  1. Discussion & draft
  2. Proposal creation
  3. Voting & results

1. Discussion & draft

Ideas for proposals can be discussed in the #lisk-dao channel on Lisk Chat or on a new discussion thread on the Governance Forum. Once an idea results in a concrete proposal, create a new draft proposal thread in the forum:

Please fill out the provided template when you open a new thread in the above categories. You can add additional fields if required.

The discussion should be kept open for at least 2 weeks before moving to a proposal on Tally. When the author wants to incorporate feedback from the discussion, the original draft proposal (typically the first message of the discussion thread) should be modified, instead of adding an updated proposal in a new message. The updated proposal should contain a “change log” or “updates” section at the top where the updates are documented.

2. Proposal creation


  • Proposal threshold: Your delegated voting power must be at least 300,000 vpLSK.

If you don't have enough voting power, you can still create the proposal as a draft on Tally and ask a delegate to submit it. To get an overview about the existing delegates and their voting power, you can check the Delegates page on the Lisk DAO Tally instance.

Alternatively, you can ask in the draft proposal thread on the forum if a delegate is willing to submit the proposal for you.

Creating the proposal on Tally

Anyone who considers the proposal mature enough and who fulfills the requirements from above, can create a proposal on Tally:

  1. Include the full proposal text in the description.
  2. Optional to prevent frontrunning1: At the bottom, add the following line to the proposal: #proposer=0x??? where ??? is the proposer address. Example:
My proposal text
  1. If a corresponding draft proposal exists in the forum, post the link to the proposal on Tally in the respective thread.

3. Voting & results

Once a new proposal is created, the community has exactly 1 week time to vote on the proposal on Tally. Delegates should use the time to read and consider the proposal carefully, and place their vote according to their conclusion.

The following requirements must be fulfilled for a proposal to pass:

  • Quorum: For a proposal to pass, the “yes” and “abstain” votes must sum up to at least 24,000,000 vpLSK.
  • Majority: There must be strictly more “yes” than “no” votes.

See also Implementation of proposals.


  1. This is used for frontrunning protection. By adding this pattern at the end of their proposal, one can ensure that no other address can submit the same proposal. An attacker would have to either remove or change that part, which would result in a different proposal id. See OpenZeppelin's Governor docs for more information.