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Introduction to Lisk

Getting started

Getting started

Lisk provides a cost-efficient, fast, and scalable Layer 2 (L2) network based on Optimism (OP) that is secured by Ethereum. Built on the MIT-licensed OP Stack and partnered with Gelato as a RaaS provider, Lisk contributes to scaling Ethereum to a level where blockchain infrastructure is ready for mass adoption.

With Optimism's Superchain initiative, Lisk is participating in building the future it always believed in, which is to develop an interoperable, seamless base layer that provides a great user experience, shared liquidity, and cheap transactions to ensure that web3 revolutionizes peoples' lives just as web2 did. Lisk is part of Optimism's Superchain initiative, and it will be scaled and built by the experienced Lisk team in collaboration with Optimism. By being part of the Superchain, Lisk offers a network of chains that share bridging, decentralized governance, regular upgrades, a communication layer, and more—all built on the OP Stack while being secured by Ethereum.

We operate a highly reliable EVM-equivalent blockchain compatible with the most widely used tooling in the blockchain space thereby creating a great platform for developers. For more information, see the Building on Lisk section.

How secure is Lisk?

Lisk's Mainnet keeps it in sync with the Ethereum L1 after regular intervals to ensure the security and validity of its network. For more information, see Optimism's rollup protocol and its Fault Proof section. This means that apart from the measures taken to secure the Superchain and Lisk's Mainnet, the L1 security of Ethereum is also available to users interacting with Lisk L2.

For more information, check out the Governance overview.

Connection to Ethereum

Any L2 based on OP Stack is designed so that users can send arbitrary messages between smart contracts on L2 (Lisk Mainnet, Lisk Sepolia, etc.) and the underlying L1 (Ethereum Mainnet, Sepolia, etc.). This makes it possible to transfer ETH or tokens such as ERC20, ERC721 tokens, etc. between the two networks. For more information on the tokens available on Lisk see Optimism Tokens.


Lisk is an OP stack chain and is designed to be EVM equivalent. However, there are a few differences between Ethereum and OP stack chains, which developers should be aware of.