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A summary of various services available for building on Lisk.

Account Abstraction


Safe is the account abstraction leader on Ethereum and the EVM with the most secure smart wallet infrastructure and platform. Safe brings digital ownership of accounts to everyone by building universal and open contract standards for the custody of digital assets, data, and identity. To create a Safe account with Lisk, connect your wallet to Lisk or Lisk Sepolia network through the Superchain-Safe portal.

Gelato deployed a small example react app with a safe-web3auth integration. The code for this integration can be found on the gelato-raas-aa-ui repository.


1Balance is a unified multi-chain payments system. 1Balance makes it easy for you to pay all of your costs across all the networks that you are using from one single easy-to-manage balance.

In the gelato-raas-aa repository, you can find a demo implementation for sponsoring the fees with 1Balance or paying the fees with Safe balance.


Web3 Functions

Gelato's Web3 Functions is a powerful automation system designed to streamline and enhance Web3 operations. Web3 Functions serve as a comprehensive tool, enabling developers to effortlessly set up, manage, and automate their smart contract tasks.


Gelato VRF

Gelato VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is a tool designed to provide robust randomness with inherent verifiability. Create transparent & fair games, NFTs, lotteries, and other onchain applications with distributed randomness.

Relay Service

Gelato Relay

Use Gelato Relay, to relay your user's transactions on-chain, enabling secure gasless transactions for an ultra-smooth UX for your app. This allows for a variety of new web3 experiences, as the user can now pay by only signing a message, or their transaction costs can be sponsored by the developer.