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Legacy Chain Service

To access data from the Legacy Lisk L1 chain, please use the legacy chain service available under


How to use the legacy chain service:

  • Get a block by height<BLOCK_HEIGHT>.json

  • Get a transaction by id<TRANSACTION_ID>.json

  • Get an account by address<LEGACY_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>.json

  • Get histories by address<LEGACY_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>.csv

    where <LEGACY_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> is the Lisk L1 address of the format:lsk************************************** or *******************L (for uninitialized accounts).

    If a Lisk L1 legacy account (*******************L address) was initialized, the entire history including that of the *******************L legacy address will be consolidated under the corresponding lsk address. The *******************L address's history won't be available separately.

INFO: When is a Lisk L1 account initialized?

A Lisk L1 legacy account is considered initialized, if it either has an outgoing transaction on Lisk Core v2, or had performed a legacy reclaim transaction on Lisk Core v3/v4, prior to the Lisk L2 migration, which happened end of May 2024, at block height 24,823,618.